Berend te Linde

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Spread noll
I received the task to perfectly recreate an old school generative artwork. The work of Michael noll "Gaussian - Quadratic (1963)". Hours painstakingly calculating every point of the work and then drawing it. After 8 hours of hard work the recreation looked nothing like the original. This showed that even if you 'try' to preserve something perfectly it can very easy go wrong. But I still wanted a perfect recreation of the work. So I made a processing sketch that converted the work into a nice table of 100 rows. Because the work is just lines its very easy to look at it as a vector.
Now I had the whole work compressed into around 700 bytes. And I wanted to spread this so I could share this vintage work with the world.

So I build a small python script that would find a random youtube video. post the work in the comment section and go to the next one! Its was like digital graffiti, going around and spreading the it onto the deep end of youtube.

But within a day youtube banned me. So as of now, this project is dead.