Berend te Linde

close up
Etched plotted
In the summer of 2018 I set a goal of reverse engineering an old HP plotter from the 80's (a HP Draftpro DXL 7575a for the experts). In the end I got it connected with processing. So I could send real time generative designs.

But to me this was not the end of the project. Since the machine is so mechanical and precise I wanted to add a "human touch". And I tried doing this by combining it with one of the oldest way to print, an etch! I completely hacked the plotter so a metal plate would fit under it. Then instead of a pen I put a small needle in it. And then I let it plot. It took about 6 hours and I think 300.000 points but the final work is something a human could never recreate while its still handprinted.

The whole collection is a series of 12 etches.
close up
out of the press
out of the plot